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July 16 2017

I was awake way too early today for a flight. Freshly washed hair is not wanting to cooperate AT ALL, even for something it usually doesn't fight me about. Figures.
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July 12 2017

Covered in pet fur, but trim is getting stitched on. I wish the ends were a bit better but the first I've done this it's not awful. I see the benefit to machine stitching it before adding the lining. It's reversible or else I'd do it that way. #simplicity
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July 05 2017

So, I set my hair for the first time in what feels like forever this afternoon and it feels like it took pretty well. Took it down for a few hours to see and pinned it back up to sleep on. :zzz: I'm glad I went with my gut and got some length taken off ye
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July 04 2017

It's such hard work to be a pupper.
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Walker is digging this outfit too. Pants are Dancing Days by @bannedapparel, top is self-made with modifications #simplicity1426 view B. I've been holding this top out for a week since I finished it for a 4th of July red outfit. I also got a hair trim yes
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July 03 2017

Needed enough small bits I got myself to the fabric store to get a zipper to finish the dino dress, and stuff to finish up this bodice. 59 days until my local renaissance fair opens!
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July 01 2017

June 30 2017

After yesterday's all day power outage that messed up all my sewing plans, I discovered this morning the fabric I'd considered using for a binding on one pattern is much too thick and started sewing this one instead
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June 29 2017

June 28 2017

I'm so stupidly excited :joy: #b6453 #butterick6453
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