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May 27 2017

I'd planned to sew the binding on the machine and finish by hand but it's gonna be stubborn and those inner corners are too tricky, so hand sewing it is. ✂:relieved: #simplicity8162
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My hair's been crap since this last dye round. I think I need to do a baking soda wash/clarifying wash and see if I can sort it out, because just washing it isn't cutting it, even washing more or less frequently (I've tried both). Must remember to ask her
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Half done. Why didn't anyone warn me grommets would take FOR EVER to install?
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May 26 2017

Bless @AmericanDuchess for her tip in the tutorial to use pet nail clippers for cutting the boning. I also found a pet nail file for the edges! I guess there's an upside to jerk-dog not letting us do his claws?
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Big dogs curling up small are always good for a giggle. My buddy is being silly but sweet today.
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Can we all just acknowledge even with video tutorials I'm not sure I'm doing this right? Haha. #butterick8162
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May 25 2017

I know it's 18th c. & I need Elizabethan, but let she honest, the overall cylinder shape is similar and my drafted attempt is way off, so instead of learning to draft AND do boning at the same time, how about I learn how boning works first THEN modify? Th
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@ Meijer

Lowe's Home Improvement

@ Lowe's Home Improvement
Have an #ootd in #butterick6453
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Having a hard time getting motivated this morning, especially with a floppy snuggle cat:cat2:
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May 24 2017


modifying commercial

modifying commercial patterns to eliminate princess seams


Initial bodice patte

Initial bodice pattern, on MorganDonner.com


How to - make an ama

How to - make an amazingly easy kirtle - Empire


how to drape a bodic

how to drape a bodice


double herringbone

double herringbone

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