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February 08 2018





Silver Night Ear Cuf

Silver Night Ear Cuf Silver Night Ear Cuff with Fairy Amethyst Stars by LotEarCuffs on Etsy


February 07 2018


Holiday Place Cards

Holiday Place Cards


Lovely winter weddin

Lovely winter wedding ideas from www.fairylandfavours.webs.com

February 06 2018


Barnes & Noble

@ Barnes & Noble

February 05 2018


Brilliant Smiles

@ Brilliant Smiles

February 04 2018


Leafty Baby Blanket


The yarn is more minty than we had hoped when we ordered it, but it’ll be okay. I’m seeing so many people saying they CO 130, I think I’m going to go ahead and do that (100 just doesn’t sound enough seeing as I do 100 for an adult sized hat in the round on this same size needle). I may do a small swatch in a bit to see about one or two strands - it’s a summer baby so I’m leaning toward a lighter blanket may be better!

Swatch made. 1 strand, upping it to 145 sts, decreasing a needle size.


The Wine Gallery and Bistro

@ The Wine Gallery and Bistro
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